All About Salisbury

For the Community by the Community

This is not our final layout. This is just to let you know that we are still building the web pages to make our new paper a meaningful medium.

Here is a screen shot to give you some feel.

Whilst we navigate this build amongst the day job: we thought it would be interesting for our forthcoming readership to learn a little about their fantastic town. Steeped in history we all know snippets of - some of us more than others.

Using the links on the right, there are a few pages of interesting facts that you may know, may have forgotten or may herein be learning. Either way it’s engaging, we hope. The advertisers we have received graphics from so far, will feature.

Keep the adverts coming in.

Hope you enjoy the pages here. Let’s remind ourselves about or fantastic town and from that foundation, let’s share its news positively.

PS - send us in your pet pics - let’s have a fun page of our pets being daft and amusing!!