All About Salisbury

This is a holding page whilst we build the site.

The site will be a work in progress so please allow us time to develop it. This web address has, over the years, been used by various well-meaning bodies but has fallen by the wayside. We have adopted the name in the absence of any other live use to reinvigorate and hopefully develop a more substantial presence with greater longevity.

We are new to this but will aim to make something;

  • Engaging
  • Positive
  • Relevant

We are in a strange world. The C word has evolved. We are a community with much in common and our aspiration with this site is to join us together. So many forums feed the negative.

This site will have content provided by the locals. Our own community.

We will add the latest news from politicians locally. Marvel at local sporting acheivements. Share our successes. Discuss ideas in a civil manner about how we - Salisbury - grow out of the two recent knocks that we have had.

Advertising - this is free. Submit to us a static graphic, your web address and your principle phone number. Your advert will show randomly on various pages.

This email address reaches my phone and I will share the content immediately with the genius who looks after our IT. Be patient with us as we get this built. But please feel free to give us what we need and we will build a directory of local services also within the web site.

We have a long way to go with this but hope to evolve it quickly. It is with positivity and support that we will rise from the ashes that is Covid and we want to help join us all together.

Mike Hurst - Founder. Home